New Download: Information Security, Privacy and Cybercrime Survey 2018

The internet presents a real and ever-present threat for businesses across the globe. From phishing and ransomware attacks to man-in-the-middle and targeted hacks, the propensity for devastation is nothing short of prodigious.

For organisations to be confident while operating in the online sphere, they require a true understanding of how to navigate the risk-ridden terrain. The Information Security, Privacy and Cybercrime Survey 2018 provides such an opportunity, offering forward-thinking, security-conscious organisations a chance to gain up-to-date insight into the global InfoSec landscape.

About the Report

Conducted by Opinion AS on behalf of The Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council, the Information Security, Privacy, and Cybercrime Survey 2018 is one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date online information security analyses of the year.

Gathering detailed data from 1500 respondents, the report not only aims to shed light on the prevalence of IT security incidents throughout 2018, but also to raise awareness and educate businesses about preventative measures that will help them to safeguard their data.

Gain up-to-date insight into the global InfoSec landscape – download the  Information Security, Privacy and Cybercrime Survey 2018 today

Key Findings

The comprehensive report delivers a number of significant insights into the current global security situation – below are just a handful of key findings.

  1. The vast majority of businesses lack an overview of the costs attributed to security incidents; these costs are estimated at billions of NOK each year.
  2. 60% of businesses have completed activities to improve the security awareness and education of their employees over the past year.
  3. GDPR has been a strong incentive for businesses to enhance privacy and information security efforts, with 48% of businesses quoting GDPR as a contributory factor.
  4. Most IT incidents are related to viruses and malware, where 21% of the respondent businesses have suffered such incidents during 2017.
  5. The number of businesses exposed to cybercrime is on the rise, particularly in the areas of phishing and malicious hacking.
  6. Despite the overwhelming evidence, 67% of the businesses that experienced IT-related incidents believe that they happened due to chance or bad luck.

For CEOs, CIOs, and anyone else responsible for the safety and security of their organisation’s data, this latest download available from and sponsored by One Voice will deliver up-to-date insight into the current state of the online market.

To discover the full extent of the findings, you can download the complete survey here, or, to learn how One Voice can help you adequately prepare for threats online, get in touch today.Information Security, Privacy and Cybercrime Survey 2018

By Andrew Carvell

Andy is the Managing Director of One Voice’s international business, based in London and has worked with incident and crisis management solutions since 2010. He has a particular focus on the aviation and energy sectors and works closely with One Voice’s partner Control Risks to broaden the service offering of both parties. Andy has a degree in law from the University of Nottingham and outside of work, enjoys rugby, golf and outdoor pursuits.

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